why I will wake before the sun

My first semester in the Faculty of Letters at Babeș-Bolyai University is wrapping up this week.  Because I teach "practical" courses, my students don't have to sit for a formal exam during the coming exam weeks; instead, they do a concluding assignment this week demonstrating the practical skills associated with the course. The difference is in the details, obviously, since … Continue reading why I will wake before the sun

the normalcy of life

The past week has been about as normal as you can get: teaching my early classes, returning necessary emails, working on different manuscripts, reviewing conference proposals, buying real groceries, doing a little laundry, vacuuming up the box of salt spilt in the kitchen, reading before bed. My time in Romania is an adventure, certainly, but it's also … Continue reading the normalcy of life

trying to teach

Some days, teaching is much harder than others. Yesterday: good day. I met with my pedagogy/essay writing class for their last "regular" class before the exam.  All but three students were there; the rest were in good spirits.  I ran class discussion using different methods to group them: forming their own, numbering off, applying colored dots (even serious Romanian … Continue reading trying to teach