Romanian lessons

When Romanians assure you, "Yes, yes, yes; it is okay, do not worry," four out of five times, it will indeed be okay; the fifth time will provide material for a very good story if you survive. Winter weather requires that you wear a very puffy coat, keep your phone in the pocket of that … Continue reading Romanian lessons

in spite of itself

There are so many things to like about Romania.  Some days, though, it feels like you like Romania in spite of itself. Today was the last class for my 2nd years - since their real last class is next Monday but, of course, there's a holiday - and the exam day for my 3rd years. It's the end of the semester; … Continue reading in spite of itself


This was the view as I stood outside Dubrovnik's walls after a long day of driving down the Croatian coast, continuously thinking this country couldn't be more stunningly beautiful and continuously finding it could.   This scattering of dandelions pushing through the top of a stone wall made me pause and consider how the little things that we see as weeds can be both … Continue reading this