a snapshot of memories

Sometimes life moves too quickly to capture the moments that you hope you’ll remember in the years to come.  The past several weeks have been full of those moments and I was lucky enough to share them with people close to my heart.


Not too many people would be willing to bring the whole family to Eastern Europe over spring break.  My people were.


I am in awe of the beauty of Budapest at night.

Sometimes the beauty is in the details.

And sometimes it’s in the grandiose.

Athens by night…

and Athens by day: beautiful in unexpected ways.

Also: quite clever!


Great feats of athleticism have happened in Athens…

and around the world.


My lap around an Olympic stadium won’t go down in the history books….


but it will definitely go down in my personal history.


One day, in high school, an old friend said he was wanted us to meet his girlfriend; that was the day I met one of my dearest friends, sisters by heart if not by blood.  There’s a comfort in this world in knowing there’s someone who knows you, inside and out. My girlfriend is that someone.

As I’ve learned through the years, though, new friends can grow just as precious in different ways, given time and shared experience and quirky connections.  As it happens, Romania has provided just those circumstances. Lucky me.

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