the story

Once upon a time, a little girl who loved books grew up and became a professor of English Education.  One day, the professor was awarded a Fulbright to Romania.  The people asked her, Why Romania? and she, with a smile, replied, Why not?. For the professor understood the importance of doing herself what she told her students to do every day: experience something new, understand something different, try something difficult.  Learn.

And so, the professor explored and the professor questioned and the professor considered, and in the end, the professor accepted the challenge of doing something new, something different, something difficult.  The professor knew that, just as she wanted her students to learn more of the world around them, she wanted to expand her world – and herself.

You see, although the professor had traveled far and wide, she had seen very little of this fair land. She was intrigued by what she knew, however, and wished to know more of its history, its people, its culture, its academics. Accordingly, she presented her skills to the gatekeepers, who smiled upon her request and granted her wish.

And that is how the little girl who loved books came to be a visiting associate professor in the Faculty of Letters at Babes-Bolyai University in Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

*Every fairy tale has its reality; my thanks to the Fulbright Program for creating mine this academic year.  The views, ideas, understandings and experiences offered here are mine and mine alone, however, and do not speak for or represent those of the Fulbright Program or the US Department of State.*